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Colonial Navies Index

Green LightColonial Navies Introduction
Green LightRoyal Navy in Australia
Green LightCommonwealth Naval Forces
Green LightHMAS Encounter (I)


This is a partial list containing only those vessels for which information is available.  For a full list of Victorian ships see the Victorian Naval Forces page.

Green LightVictorin Naval Forces
Torpedo Boats
Green LightHMVS Nepean (1884)
Green LightChilders (1884)
Green LightLonsdale (1884)
Green LightGordon (1884)
Torpedo gunboat
Green LightCountess of Hopetoun 1891
Green LightVictoria (II) (1884)
Green LightAlbert (1884)
Steam sloop
Green LightVictoria (I) (1855)
Turret ship (monitor)
Green LightCerberus (1869)
Training ship
Green LightNelson (1867) 

New South Wale

Green LightNew South Wales Colonial Navy
Ketch-rigged sail gunboat
Green LightHMCS Spitfire (1859)
Jason Class Corvette
Green LightHMS Wolverine (1863)
Torpedo Boat
Green LightAcheron Class torpedo boats (1879)


Green LightQueensland Maritime Defence Force
Gayundah Class Gun Boats
Green LightHMQS Paluma (1884)
Green LightHMQS Gayundah (1884)
Patrol Vessel
Green LightHMQS Otter (1884)

Torpedo Launch
Green LightHMQS Mosquito (1885)
Green LightQTB Midge (1887)
Miner Layer

Green LightHMQS Miner (1887)

South Australia

Green LightSouth Australian Naval Service
Green LightHMCS Protector (1884)


Green LightTB 191 and Tasmanian Torpedo Corps

Western Australia

Green LightFremantle Naval Artillery

HMVS Nepean
HMVS Nepean

Colonial Weapons

Coastal & Harbour Defences

Sydney Harbour defences
Fort Macquarie
Fremantle Naval Artillery