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HMAS Quadrant G11

HMAS Quadrant crest 
HMAS Quadrant (G11/D11/F01), named for the navigational instrument, was a Q-class destroyer operated by the Royal Navy as HMS Quadrant (G67/D17) during World War II, and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1945 to 1957. The ship was built during the early 1940's as one of the War Emergency Programme destroyers, and entered service in 1942.

Royal Navy service

During World War II, Quadrant served with the British Eastern and British Pacific Fleets.

Quadrant was engaged in convoy escort duties in the Arctic, South Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. She took part in the North African landings, aircraft carrier strikes against Surabaya and bombardment of the Nicobar Islands. She served with the British Pacific Fleet in 1945 where she took part in operations against Formosa (Taiwan), Okinawa, and the Japanese home islands.

Transfer to RAN

Quadrant was loaned to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in exchange for the return of one of the N class destroyers. Quadrant commissioned into the RAN on 18 October 1945, and was used to transport soldiers from New Guinea home to Australia. On 16 August 1947, the destroyer was paid off into reserve.

Frigate conversion

HMAS Quadrant
HMS Quadrant 1945

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On 15 February 1950, the heavy cruiser HMAS Australia departed Sydney for Melbourne with Quadrant in tow. The vessels arrived at Melbourne on 18 February. Conversion of Quadrant to a fast anti-submarine frigate began at the Williamstown Naval Dockyard in Melbourne during April 1950.

During the conversion; all of Quadrant's previous armament was stripped off, and replaced with two 4-inch guns, two 40 mm Bofors cannons, and two Squids (ahead throwing anti-submarine weapons). The conversion was completed in mid 1953, and the ship recommissioned into the RAN on 16 July.

RAN service

HMS Quadrant
HMAS Quadrant after conversion to a frigate 
After recommissioning, Quadrant's service was mainly in Australian waters. Quadrant escorted the Royal Yacht Gothic during the visit to Australia of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in February

Quadrant visited New Guinea, Manus, and New Britain in October 1954, New Zealand in March 1955, and spent a period on exercises in Far East waters in June 1955. In March 1956, she took part in exercises in Malayan waters. During June 1956 she served for a period as a surveillance vessel with the Japanese pearling fleet in the Arafura Sea.

In October 1956, Quadrant again proceeded to the Far East for further exercises, visiting Hong Kong, Singapore, and Manila.

By 1957 the frigate was already worn out and the decision to decommission the vessel was made before sister ship HMAS Quiberon's frigate conversion was complete and after the premature decommissioning HMAS Quality due to hull failure.

Decommissioning and fate

Quadrant paid off at Sydney on 16 August 1957 and was sold for scrap to the Japanese firm of Kinoshita and Company Limited on 15 February 1963.