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Q Class Destroyers

The Q and R Classes were a group of sixteen destroyers ordered for the Royal Navy in 1940 under the War Emergency Programme for service with the 3rd and 4th Emergency Flotillas. They served as convoy escorts during World War II.  Three Q class ships were transferred to the Royal Australian Navy upon completion, with two further ships being handed over in 1945.


The Q and R class were repeats of the preceding O and P class ship, but reverted to the larger J, K and N class hull to allow for an inevitable growth in top weight.

They had a displacement of 1,692 tons, and 2,411 tons at full load; they were 358.25 feet (109.2 m) long, had a beam of 35.75 feet (10.9 m), and a draught of 9.5 feet (2.9 m).

HMAS Queenborough
HMAS Queenborough

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Their propulsion came via two Admiralty 3-drum water-tube boilers, with Parsons geared steam turbines on two shafts, delivering a speed of 36 knots (67 km/h).

As they had fewer main guns than the J, K and N class ships, some magazine space was replaced by fuel bunkers, allowing for some 4,675 nautical miles (8,658 km) to be made at 20 knots (37 km/h), over the 3,700 nautical miles (6,900 km) of their predecessors.

They normally had a complement of 176, and 225 when serving as flotilla leader.

Their sensors and processing systems included a Type 290 air warning radar and a Type 285 ranging and bearing radar system.

Like the O and Ps, they were armed with what weapons were available; 4.7inch (120mm) guns on single mountings that allowed for only 40 elevation - therefore do not compare favourably on paper with many contemporaries. These ships used the Fuze Keeping Clock HA Fire Control Computer.


Four QF 4.7-inch (120-mm) Mk.IX guns, single mounts CP Mk.XVIII. 
Four QF 2 pdr Mk.VIII (40 mm L/39), quad mount Mk.VII.
Six QF 20 mm Oerlikon, single mount P Mk.III.  In surviving ships, the single 20 mm Oerlikon guns in the bridge wings were later replaced by hydraulically operated Mark V twin mountings. 
Eight (2x4) tubes for 21-inch (530 mm) torpedoes Mk.IX.
Up to 3 x throwers and three racks to 45 depth charges

The Y gun could be removed, allowing for the carriage of additional depth charges and projectors, or the carriage of minesweeps.

Q class Ships

HMAS Queenborough, built by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend, later converted to Type 15 frigate, sold for scrapping 1975

HMAS Quadrant, built by Hawthorn Leslie and Company, Hebburn, later converted to Type 15 frigate, sold for scrapping 1962

HMAS Quality, built by Swan Hunter, to Australia as HMAS Quality 1942, sold for scrapping 1958

HMAS Quiberon, built by White, to Australia, later converted to Type 15 frigate, sold for scrapping 1972

HMAS Quickmatch, built by White, later converted to Type 15 frigate, sold for scrapping 1972