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Exercises and Operations Index

Exercises 1962

Green LightExercise Sea Devil

Exercises 2020

Green LightAmerican Tributes
Green LightAmerica's P-8 Poseidon Now a Ship Killer
Green LightNew warships demonstrate their firepower
Green LightHMAS Parramatta exercise 11-2020.html
Green LightBond with Singapore reaffirmed at exercise
Green LightTies strengthened with Indian Navy
Green LightAustralia and Philippines show spirit of mateship
Green LightNavies hone warfare skills
Green LightSirius critical to success of international exercises


World War 1

Green LightRoyal Australian Naval Bridging Train
Green LightBattle of Bita Paka, 11 September 1914

World War 2

Green LightAttack on Sydney Harbour
Green LightOrdinary Seaman Edward Sheean VC
Green LightEdward Sheean VC Presentation Ceremony
Green LightRecognition for the Scrap Iron Flotilla
Green LightBattle for Australia Commemoration
Green Light
HMAS Australia's rescue of a Sunderland aircraft
Green LightHMAS Canberra and the Battle of Savo Island
Green LightBattle of the Bismarck Sea
Green LightBattle for the Solomon Islands
Green LightCoast Watchers and Code Breakers
Green LightThe Loss of HMAS Alatna

HMS Quiberon
HMAS Quiberon

Persian Gulf

Green LightHMAS Adelaide's Boarding Party, Persian Gulf 2004