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Museum Executive

The executive of the Naval Association Sub-section are listed here together with contact for the president, secretary and public officer.

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Capt. Hon. Peter Collins, AM, QC
Postal Address: PO Box 310 Kingswood NSW 2747


Clarie Shaw President
Clarence (Clarrie) Shaw
15 Bradman Road Shalvey NSW 2770
Email Clarrie
Phone Home 02 9628 7198
Mobile 0411 138 700
Robert Montgomery Vice President
Robert (Monty) Montgomery
Frank Syaranamual  Treasurer and Public Officer
Frank Syaranamual
70 Trinity Drive Cambridge Park NSW 27477
Email Frank
Mobile 0427 409 252
Ron Smith  Assistant Treasurer
Ron Smith
John Vickers Museum Secretary
John Vickers
Email: secretary.museum@nepeannaval.org.au
Mobile  0412 678 339
Phone 0412 678 339
Gary Hayward  Curator / Manager
Committee Member
Gary Hayward
0488 282 169
Dean Sando  Committee Member
Dean Sando
Phone 0408 960 770

Bill Ross

Committee Member
Bill Ross

John Hibberd Committee Member
Publicity Officer/

John Hibberd
Email  John