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New and Current Affairs Index

This index has been set up because our region is heating up militarily and so we need to stay on top of it, and because I often find items on the net that are worth inclusion, but for which I do not have an appropriate pigeon-hole.

News 2020

Green LightRoyal Australian Navy 2020
Green Light183 billion upgrade of naval forces

Current Affairs 2020

Green LightAmerica's P-8 Poseidon Now a Ship Killer
Green LightIf Trump loses the presidency, 'China will come after Australia'
Green LightAustralia is in 'enormous danger' from China


Green LightA new year, a more dangerous China
Green LightHow more than 1 million Communist Party loyalists infiltrated the West



 HMA Canberra
HMAS Canberra LO2

Other Stuff Assorted

Green LightAmerican ANZAC Day Ceremony
Green LightFort Benning Observes ANZAC Day
Green LightUS Marine Corps General delivers speech honouring ADF personnel