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HMAS Acute P81

HMAS Acute crest
HMAS Acute P81 was an Attack class patrol boat operated by the Royal Australian Navy.

Acute was predominantly used for training of Royal Australian Navy Reserve personnel at Fremantle, Western Australia. From November 1978 until the 1980's, Acute was attached to the Permanent Naval Force, and was assigned to the newly completed base at HMAS Stirling.

HAS Acute
HMAS Acute

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Before the Two Ocean Policy was completely implemented, the patrol boat was for several years the only warship assigned to Western Australia, with the nickname "The Lone Gun of the West Coast", and responsible for patrolling an area extending from Albany to Broome.

Whilst on a training cruise in May 1983, Acute apprehended two Taiwanese fishing boats engaged in illegal fishing. This was the first such operation involving RANR personnel.

Acute paid off on 6 May 1983. She was transferred to the Indonesian Navy and renamed Silea. The patrol boat was listed in Jane's Fighting Ships as still operational in 2011.