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Patrol Boat Index


Arafura class Patrol Boat

Green LightArafura-Class-Patrol-Boat
Green LightArming the Arafura Class

Attack Class Patrol Boats

Green LightAttack Class Patrol Boats
Green LightHMAS Acute P81
Green LightHMAS Adroit P82
Green LightHMAS Advance P83
Green LightHMAS Samarai P85
HMAS Archer P86 - Commissioned 15 May 1968 Decommissioned 21 May 1974 - Transferred to Indonesia - No other information available.
Green LightHMAS Ardent P87
Green LightHMAS Arrow P88
Green LightCyclone Tracy survivor tells of HMAS Arrow's deadly sprint back to Darwin wharf
Green LightHMAS Assail P89
Green LightHMAS Lae P93
Green LightHMAS Attack P90

Green LightHMAS Aware P91

HMAS Advance
HMAS Advance

Cape Class Patrol Boat

Green LightCape Class Patrol Boat
ADV Cape Fourcroy 
ADV Cape Inscription 

Australian Border Force Boats

ABFC Cape St. George   ABFC Cape Byron
ABFC Cape Nelson         ABFC Cape Sorell
ABFC Cape Jervis           ABFC Cape Leveque
ABFC Cape Wessel         ABFC Cape York