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HM Watch Vessel Kangaroo

HMS Kangeroo
HMWV Kangaroo

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HM Watch Vessel Kangaroo (formerly H.M.’s sloop Kangaroo – 483 tons) arrived in Burnham-on-Crouch in 1870, to be used as accommodation for the coastguards and their families.

She was moored by the sea wall, where the Royal Corinthian clubhouse now stands, and took the place of another former naval vessel, the Chanticleer, a brig that was towed to Burnham in 1848 and which ended her days being broken up at Sheerness.

She was finally broken up in the 1890’s after better shore-side accommodation for the coastguards and their families was built in Silver Road.

In 1884, Stebbings provided the Commissioners of the Admiralty with an estimate for repairs to HMS Kangaroo,

           "To caulk H.M. Ship Kangaroo, from stem to stern, from rail to copper. Both sides with best oakam and pay good pitch.
            Provide and fix seven new rails with good yellow deal and paint same 3 times for the sum of £55-10s."
           (From W Stebbings Boat Builder, Burnham, Essex. January 23 1884)

HMS Kangeroo
HMS Kangaroo

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Other watch vessels deployed in the area included HMS Beagle (of Charles Darwin fame). It is likely that some remains of HMS Beagle are still beneath the mud of the River Roach, where the Beagle was stationed. Scientists are looking into that.

See the Essex Family History website for further details on the  HM Watch Vessel Kangaroo; and C.E. Jefferies’ ‘Notes on Burnham on Crouch: its History and its People 1800-1900’, published in 1970 by Bay Read.

If we look a little bit further, the RN has actually had seven ships named Kangaroo.

HMS Kangaroo (1795), a 16-gun fir-built brig-sloop built a Rotherhide in 1795 and sold in 1802.  This sloop had a very busy career.  She captured or sank seven or eight French and Spanish privateers (pirates authorised by a government.  Britain also had some.) She engaged in several battles against elements of the French navy and attacked defended shore establishments, among other things.

HMS Kangaroo (1805), an 18-gun Merlin-class sloop launched in 1805 and sold in 1815.  She also engaged with privateers and was involved with an ill-fated campaign to Netherlands.

HMS Kangaroo (1818), a survey brig purchased in 1818 in the West Indies. Re-rigged as a ship in 1823 and wrecked off Cuba in 1828.

HMS Kangaroo (1829), a 3-gun schooner, ex-Las Damas Argentinas, purchased in 1829 and sold in 1834.

HMS Kangaroo (1852), a 12-gun Acorn-class brig-sloop ordered as HMS Dove in 1839, renamed Kangaroo in 1843 and eventually launched in 1852. She was sold in 1897.

HMS Kangaroo was the Philomel-class gun vessel HMS Dart, launched in 1860, renamed Kangaroo in 1882 and broken up in 1884.

HMS Kangaroo (1900), a B-class torpedo boat destroyer launched in 1900 and sold in 1920.

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