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Fleet Base East Fleet Divisions 2016

Fleet Divisions - RAN Fleet Base East: Thursday morning 24 March 16 on the flight deck of HMAS Adelaide.

RAN Fleet Base East Fleet Divisions MAR 2016

1,000 Sailors and Officers (3 Divisions of 3 Platoons of 96 each, with Guard, Band and Senior Officers, being CMDR and above) in ceremonial whites S2's and S1's (being S2's with ceremonial sword) for Platoon, Division and Parade Commanders.

GG as Reviewing Officer.

I ended up in the front rank of Fleet HQ, being the 2nd platoon of HMAS Kuttabul Division.

Has not been held for 6 years, and not on a carrier for 50 years plus some old hands think.

RAN Fleet Base East Fleet Divisions MAR 2016

You can see more at the NAVY Image Gallery.

It's a good article on the link below and at the bottom of the article is a link to more pics; worth seeing if I may say so.


Gordon Erskine
Secretary and Treasurer
NAA Tuggerah Lakes Sub Section