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HMAS Kuttabul

HMAS Kutterbul

Members of the Nepean Blue Mountains Sub-Section who served at Kuttabul.

Parade Master
WO Des. Harper AM

ColinColin (Col or Irish) O'Flynn

Bill Ross
Bill Ross

Ron SmithRon Smith
The HMAS Kuttabul gangway is located in Macleay Street, Potts Point, NSW. Situated above the historic Garden Island (GI) Dockyard facility, HMAS Kuttabul's primary role is to provide administrative, training and logistics support to defence personnel, both uniform and civilian, employed within the Sydney area.

Fleet Support Unit Sydney (FSU-S)

Fleet Support Unit Sydney is the Navy's uniformed maintenance activity ashore.  FSU-S conducts maintenance on the ships and submarines so that they can get on and do their job of fighting and winning at sea. Our core function these days is to provide the ships and submarines with competent, trained and motivated sailors.

FSU-S is housed in several large workshops fitted with machinery, plant and tools. Our workshops cover an extensive amount of real estate at Fleet Base East. FSU-S consists of sailors from backgrounds in Guided Missile Frigates, Anzac Class Ships, Auxiliary Ships and Submarines. The people at FSU-S include Marine and Electronics Technicians and Bosun's Mate category personnel. Our training and mentoring role is enhanced by the inclusion of a Skills Development Centre, where the newly trained technicians from the Navy's initial training pipeline undertake consolidation training and competency progression

In order to maintain the competence and currency of our people, FSU-S engage in maintenance activities, conduct related projects and undertake competency progression training. To keep our people motivated we provide them with meaningful work, sufficient leave opportunities, professional development opportunities and skills development.

FSU-S also has a Safety Equipment workshop that looks after liferafts, lifejackets and other vital sea survival equipment. Additionally, Fleet Support Unit Perth has a ship's husbandry workshop that engages in corrosion control, blasting and specialised painting activities.

FSU-S has many capabilities, from metal fabrication to the production of signs and stickers. We have a significant woodworking and metal fabrication area run by our shipwrights, including a small boat docking facility. Fleet Support Unit Perth has a mechanical workshop consisting of many items of heavy machinery, several electronics and communications equipment workshops, a high power workshop, and a weapons workshop.

                       HMAS Kuttabul