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Picture Galleries

These picture gallaries can be a bit fragile.  It may help if you begin by clicking on the button on the far left so as to align the images and the captians, and then work through the images slowly.  The complex Java code that mekes them work seems to need time to thjink about what it is doing. If you go too fast they could freeze up on you.  Good luck.

Sub-Section Images

Green Light 2019 Anzac Sunday Service

Green Light 2018 Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony

Green Light 2018 ANZAC Sunday Penrith

Green Light 2017 Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony

Green Light 2017 Vietnam Veterans March Springwood

Green Light 2017 Nirimba Sub-section Memorial and rededication service

Green Light 2017 Anzac Day at Penrith

Green Light 2016 Remembrance Day Ceremony

Green Light 2016 Wreath Laying Ceremony

Green Light 2015 Picture Gallery

Museum Images

Green Light Museum Photo Gallery

Green Light Sandy Brennan Reserve 

Green Light Match-stick Fleet

Green Light The James Craig

Green LightHMS Queen Elizabeth Named
Frank Syaranamual

Mr. Frank Syaranamual
Tresaurer & Public Officer