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HMAS Nirimba Apprentices

Dear All,

Commander L. G. Wilson MBE RAN (now retired) wrote the story of HMAS NIRIMBA and Naval Training in in Australia 1855 to 1983 and titled his book “Skilled Hands at Sea”. In researching his book he relied on records, often hand written lists, to compile the list of Apprentices (RATSTRUC and SAILSTRUC) who had passed through NIRIMBA. In transcription, either by staff looking after initial entry MOBIs or in transcription for the book, errors have occurred. I have attempted to put the list of MOBIs of the RATSTRUC era (July 1956 thru January 1972) into an excel spreadsheet taking the names and initials direct from the lists in “Skilled Hands at Sea”. Hopefully I have not made too many errors in my transcription and the names and initials of each individual should accord with the entry In “Skilled Hands at Sea”.

The attachment contains two lists and columns for recommended corrections to be listed, I have already put some recommended corrections in those columns. Please note that those recommended corrections are in red.

The first list is a direct copy from “Skilled Hands at Sea” and you will note that whilst all Term entries are in Term order the names are not always in alphabetical order. Historically the first intake was listed in the order in which the individuals were signed up and that was in a State order. Later entries, although nearly all alphabetical, have a number of apparent out of order listings. This can be explained by those who came in from ‘other’ navies or entries from selected members from the Junior Recruit system at HMAS LEEUWIN transferring in etc. Some may also be clerical errors!

The second list is alphabetical by surname.

I am addressing this email to all MOBIs, Mechanicians and Direct Entry Tradesmen in my database and request, to those interested, please review the lists and advise me by return email of any recommended corrections you might consider necessary.

Your assistance is appreciated.

If you are able to assist with the following please contact Bob Mummery direct at

email address:

or phone - 0408 811 201

Yours aye

Bob Mummery