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Reg Hunt

Dear Bill

I wonder whether I might be able to tap into your network to elicit the help of the naval veterans community?

To the Navy's great disappointment it does not have in its collection a photograph of Chief Petty Officer Reg Hunt who lost his life when HMAS Hobart was mistakenly attacked by a US aircraft while in Vietnamese waters in June 1968.

I would dearly like to obtain a photograph of Reg so that we can properly commemorate his service to the RAN. Is it possible you could appeal on my behalf to your veterans group to try and obtain a photograph of Reg?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

John Perryman
Senior Naval Historical Officer
Sea Power Centre - Australia
PO Box 7942
Department of Defence
Canberra BC,ACT 2610
Tel: (02) 6266 1125