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Frank James Syaranamual

Citation in Support of the the Award of the Meritorious Service Medal

After receiving a free discharge from the Royal Australian Navy following the HMAS voyager collision in 1964, Frank eventually moved to Penrith, NSW where he joined the Nepean Blue Mountains Sub-Section of Naval Association of Australia on 12th June 1984. 
During his 31 years as a member, Frank has been continually involved in the activities of the Nepean Blue Mountains Sub-Section to the community at large and in in the Nepean Blue Mountains area.

In 1987/88 when the NSW State Council requested the Executive to take advantage of the Bicentennial Naval Review, to develop a brochure, and advertise in Navy News, and the RSL Reveille with a budget of $1,000. 
Frank assisted in putting together a brochure, which in conjunction with the advertising successfully recruited at least 100 new members directly through State Office. 

Following this he put together a five-page document with recommendations entitled Marketing the Naval Association of Australia for presentation to the 1990 Federal Conference.

In 1990 as State Vice President, Frank was asked by the President to represent the Naval Association of Australia on a Steering Committee brought together by the State President of NSW RSL, Rusty Priest, to look into the recommendations of the Justice Evatt Royal Commission in 1983 identifying the urgent need to establish emergency accommodation for veterans and their families in NSW.

As well as the Naval Association, the committee comprised representatives from the State RSL, RAR Association, RDFWA, AVADSC, VVCCS, Dept. of Veteran Affaires, President Panania RSL Sub-Branch and the Director Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
           Frank Syaranamual

Frank was elected as Treasurer, and Public Officer, and arranged the incorporation of the veterans Emergency Accommodation centre (NSW) Inc. in mid-1990. 

On the 30th of November 1990 after receipt of a $70'000 grant from Veteran Affairs, Emergency Accommodation was officially opened in a house in Northmead, and named "Kevin (Dasher) Wheatley VC House by the Minister for Veteran Affairs. 

Frank continued in his elected roles until early 1993, liaising directly with the Manager of the centre, a trained counsellor, through to the relocation of the accommodation to another more suitable house near Westmead Railway Station in mid-1992.

Frank has also received the following Association and sub-Section Awards:

Diploma or Merit - 3rd November 1990

Life Membership - 4th May 2002

The Sub-section for some time had no regular income and had to find a considerable amount of money to cover the costs of running T.S. Nepean, our extensive Naval Cadet unit, and also to maintain our large cadet building, now the Nepean Naval Centre/Museum. 

Frank, in company with many other Sub-Section members, sold lucky envelopes every week at the markets which were held at the Penrith Trotting Club and organized other events to ensure that the funds were available which allowed these important Sub-Section projects to continue.

During early negotiations with Council for the lease of Lot 8 Bruce Neale Drive Penrith, Frank was instrumental in the preparation of a detailed multipage submission in support of the proposal, which was in no small way instrumental in the Sub-Section gaining the lease over the property.  
This property is leased from council to the present day. 

In order to produce funds and help maintain the building, he was part of the team who would hire it out to schools, rowing clubs etc. when not in use by the cadets. He also assisted with arrangements to lease the building, now known as the Nepean Naval Centre/ Museum, to the National Area Disability Organisation (NADO) following the departure of TS Nepean Cadets to Orchid Hills.

Frank has also been involved in numerous Nepean Blue-Mountains Sub-Section activities; he has assisted on many occasions with the Penrith Paceway, Naval Evening which produces funds for the Sub-Section; he assisted with Conferences sponsored by the Nepean Blue-Mountains Sub-section, these conferences highlighted the Naval Association and NSW State Section within the local community.

Frank has continually promoted awareness of the Naval Association within the Penrith and surrounding communities as well as to elected representatives in Council, State and Federal arena.

He has devoted an extraordinary amount of time to the Association over many years.