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John Patrick Kelly

John Patrick Kelly retired from the Navy in 1977 after some 20 years service, and joined the Naval Association of Australia - Nepean Blue Mountains Sub-Section the same year. He took an active part in the general conduct of the Sub-Section while he was adjusting to civilian life, although he was not elected to office until some years later.

Vice President & T.S. Nepean Building Committee - 2004
Vice President - 2005 - 2009
Chairman of Executive Committee - 2001 - 2002
Member of Executive Committee - 1987 1998 and 2001 2009

The Association at that time had no regular income and had to find a considerable amount of money to cover the costs of running T.S. Nepean, our extensive Naval Cadet unit, and also to maintain our large cadet building, now the Nepean Naval Centre / Museum. John, in company with other members, sold lucky envelopes every week at the markets which were held at the Penrith Trotting Club to ensure that the funds were available which allowed these importantAssociation projects to continue.

John took this time out of his own private life for well over 10 years.

   John Kelly 
In August of 1986 John had organized Nepean Sub-Section members to support the Blue Mountains Vietnam Veterans and Associated Forces service day by attending, and taking part in the March and Service held at Springwood, and has continued to do so every year since. He places a Tribute on the Memorial each year on behalf of Nepean Blue Mountains Sub-Section.

Every year in September, Nepean Sub-Section holds a Memorial Day for our members and shipmates who have died during the year and to remember our past members. John has collated and documented the details of our departed members and arranged for the brass plaques to be available for mounting on our Memorial wall. He also carries out the role of Master of Ceremonies and still    does to this day.

When John took over as Treasurer, in 1987, he continued to promote the Association and Nepean Sub-Section within the local community while continuing the fund-raising activities.

    While continuing to attend to all these activities, he took on the extra duties firstly as Secretary for 5 years, then Director for 4 years, Secretary and Public Officer / State Delegate for another five years, then President and T.S. Nepean Building Committee for 2 years.

From 2004 John Kelly has continued to take an active part tn the Nepean Blue Mountains Sub-Section and has continued to promote the Naval Association together with our Sub-Section within the local community at our yearly Memorial Days, Community BBQ Days and when communicating with Federal and State members that he has liaised with over the years that he has been a member of Nepean Blue Mountains Sub-Section of the Naval Association.

John Kelly is a most valued member of our Sub-Section and has worked tirelessly over the years since he joined in 1977.